Customer/User Experience, Accessibility, Statistical Data

Research is an ongoing process in the development of my skills, I primarily research consumer behaviour and experiences. To inform decisions in the design and/or development of my projects and provide a more inclusive experience for consumers, while building a competitive advantage for teams.

BSc Research: The Accessibility of Gameplay

Did you know that 1 in 5 of the UK population have a disability? This project analyses a range of disabilities and how they impact gameplay experiences, through a mix of quantitative and qualitative research. This project received a grade of 85% and has encouraged my endeavours to create more accessible and inclusive consumer experiences.

MSc Research: Online Accessibility in UK Customer Experiences

This research analyses customer perception of disability inclusion and website accessibility through mixed research methods, to determine how it impacts brand equity and customer engagement. This project is currently ongoing with 200+ survey participants so far and the findings will be published in Q1 2021.


Quantitative & Qualitative Research

The UK Automotive Customer Journey

This research analyses the BMW customer journey of two UK-based personas, developed from contemporary marketing insights and consumer psychology frameworks. To establish their likely automotive requirements, digital interactions, and motivating factors towards their purchase decisions.

Global Strategic Marketing

This group research analyses the cultural differences in marketing and consumer behaviour between three countries and how they influence product branding and B2B/B2C in each. My primary tasks included research contribution and fact-checking other contributor's data, while maintaining the presentation's design, structure, and graphics. Our efforts resulted in receiving a Distinction grade.


User Research

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Automotive Persona B

Automotive Persona B