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I have been working and studying in design and marketing sectors since 2013 and have garnered an expansive set of skills in the process. I aim to create inclusive and user-focused systems through vigorous design processes and analytical data and have experience using code and content management systems.


This is a tech demo created at Global Game Jam 2015 under the theme "What do we do now?" By myself and four other students at Staffordshire University. Bewilderness centers on Pyu, a furry extraterrestrial, whom crashes on a hostile jungle planet and must locate a safe place to hide from the many threats of the jungle.

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Inclusive Experiences

Inclusive Experiences is a content-based website that covers topics relevant to accessibility and inclusion, such as media reviews, customer experiences, and marketing tips. My responsibilities include moderating submitted author content and optimising the website to be SEO and user-friendly. The user's potential accessibility needs are a leading priority in the decisions behind these processes, to ensure the website provides, or is compatibility with, relevant tools to aid their experience.

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