Content Strategy, SEO, Analytics, Website Development

I have been working and studying in design and marketing sectors since 2013 and have garnered an expansive set of skills in the process. I aim to create inclusive and user-focused systems through vigorous design processes and analytical data and have experience using code and content management systems.



This is a tech demo created at Global Game Jam 2015 under the theme "What do we do now?" By myself and four other students at Staffordshire University. Bewilderness centers on Pyu, a furry extraterrestrial, whom crashes on a hostile jungle planet and must locate a safe place to hide from the many threats of the jungle.

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Inclusive Experiences

Inclusive Experiences is a content-based website that covers topics relevant to accessibility and inclusion. These topics include media reviews, disabled customer experiences, and marketing tips.


Automotive Consumer Journey

I am currently analysing the consumer behaviour & experience of two potential automotive customers. One expressing interest in a hybrid vehicle, while the other considers electric. BMW will be considered in these scenarios and the findings will be published soon.

Coming Soon!


MSc Dissertation

To conclude my MSc, I will write a dissertation that will research accessible UK online customer experiences, linking consumer behaviour and brand loyalty with user experience. The findings will be published in Q4 2020.

Coming Soon!

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