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Food for Thought: Veganuary

A new year can often be a time of reflection and setting new goals to accomplish this year. After years of trying a variety of vegan meals and discussing veganism with friends, we decided to try Veganuary! An opportunity to try the lifestyle during January, which overtakes omnivore interest in recent years! Whether you're considering trying vegan food for the first time, or just looking for tips, we're here to help!


Image Description: Google Trends graph chart indicating that UK interest in Vegan food has surpassed meat and vegetarianismin recent years. End of Image Description.
UK Vegan Interest Levels 2016-2020 via Google Trends

Getting Started

Let's begin with the first crucial step: research. Luckily, we've made this step much easier for you to fit into your busy schedule! The ethics behind veganism can be researched in greater detail through The Vegan Society as they expand beyond food consumption. The short version: vegan meals avoid animal-based products/ingredients and substitute where necessary, more feasible thanks to continuously emerging vegan brands/products!

Finding Vegan Food

When it comes to finding recipes, stores, or special offers for vegan ingredients, Veganuary are a rich source of information. Naturally, we understand that not everyone has the luxury to cook, so we also tried some on-the-go meal methods. Breakfast can be the most gruelling on a tight schedule, conveniently, our usual breakfast product Huel is already vegan. You can get £10 off your first order with our referral link, that should cover most of your first month.

Most supermarkets offer vegan ready meal ranges if you're partial to a quick, warm meal after a long day. Although you'll be surprised how many common foods are already vegan! Vegan food usually has a helpful certification logo on the packaging, like the below examples. However, a quick skim of the ingredients may be necessary to check for allergens/non-vegan ingredients, these are usually in bold text.

Image Description: Vegan Food Certification Logos. End of Image Description.
Credit: Reddit via r/vegan.

The inclusion of vegan food in reputable restaurants/takeaways means you can still enjoy meals in the company of non-vegan friends/family. Your usual go-to's include Frankie & Benny's, KFC, and Papa John's.

The Takeaway

After getting past the research stage, participating in Veganuary has been an eye-opening experience! The range of vegan foods available today make it easier to adapt, although finding affordable food on-the-go can be challenging. On occasion, there can be resistance from individuals with dismissive views towards veganism, but don't knock it until you try it! It is, however, encouraging to see more businesses and individuals being more inclusive to trying this lifestyle. We definitely recommend it!

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