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Content Strategy, SEO, Analytics, Website Development

I have been working and studying in marketing since 2018 and have garnered an expansive set of skills in the process. From developing content strategies to analysing user journeys, my specialism focuses on engaging consumer experiences and data analysis; to meet your marketing goals with measurable results.


Portfolio of Work

Inclusive Experiences Logo

Inclusive Experiences

Inclusive Experiences is a content-based website that covers topics relevant to accessibility and inclusion. These topics include media reviews, disabled customer experiences, and marketing tips.


Global Strategic Marketing

This project analyses the cultural differences in marketing and consumer behaviour between the UK, China, & Nigeria, and how these differences influence B2B, B2C, and product branding in each country.

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Automotive Consumer Journey

I am currently analysing the consumer behaviour & experience of two potential automotive customers. One expressing interest in a hybrid vehicle, while the other considers electric. BMW will be considered in these scenarios and the findings will be published soon.

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MSc Dissertation

To conclude my MSc, I will write a dissertation that will include links between consumer behaviour and user experience. While also addressing crucial topics such as accessibility and artificial intelligence. The findings will be published in Q2 2020.