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About Me

Welcome, I am a community-minded individual studying MSc Digital Marketing Management at Staffordshire University, and I enjoy utilising my skills to bring exciting new projects to life or contribute to existing ones! I have also been involved in multiple forms of voluntary work, primarily in content creation, and helping students with disabilities and/or mental health difficulties.

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My Story

I originally grew up in Manchester, and have an invested interest in technology and how its use can benefit us.

I pursued further education and have gradually progressed to postgraduate study and various employed and voluntary positions. This experience has given me extensive knowledge in the design and development of web and computer game content. By studying digital marketing, I am learning to link content development and strategy with consumer interests and requirements.

My Approach

Bringing ideas and projects to life is an enjoyable and rewarding experience, especially if it could impact upon individuals in a positive manner. My father once told me - "The best kind of job to do, is one that you will enjoy."